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What is a Metro District?

Special Districts are a form of local government that were created under C.R.S. Title 32 to provide desired services to an area that is outside a municipality or does not include those specific services. These services can include items such as street improvements, water, sanitation, parks & recreation, transportation, etc. Additionally, Title 32 offers a provision that gives special districts power to tax for public improvements. Metropolitan Districts are types of special districts that provide multiple services to an area and are generally established by a developer to create a new subdivision. The developer will finance the new infrastructure through the issuance of municipal bonds to investors with a typical repayment period of twenty years. The bonds are repaid through property taxes on the properties within the boundary of the district. Furthermore, the Metropolitan District usually chooses to exact service charges and fees to cover programs, services, facilities, maintenance, and public improvement projects which are set by the district’s Board of Directors and subject to limitations by TABOR (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights).

As residents and taxpayers of the Deer Creek Metropolitan District, you are able to participate in your district’s decisions for public improvements. The Board of Directors is held publicly accountable meaning that they must hold open meetings and keep records of their minutes amongst other items, all of which are open for inspection by citizens. You can participate in your local government by attending the next Deer Creek Metropolitan District Board Meeting. For more information on special districts, please refer to the information published by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.